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Lotta Capital is different and has a single objective: to care for and expand your legacy!

Differently from traditional funds, in which each company is just another name in the portfolio. And in the selling to competitors, the company is only one more subsidiary or division...

Flexibility, Transparency and Quickness

Our transaction only makes sense if it also does for the owners who are entrusting us with many years of their lives.

We do not have internal bureaucracy and our entire focus is on the transaction and in the entrepreneurs, bringing flexibility, quickness and respect to the founder’s moment.

Continuity, Entrepreneurship and Long Term Focus

The continuity in the leadership of the company will be within range and flexible if it is the owners interest.


Withouth relying on immediate returns or fixed terms, we work together with the entrepreneurs and the remaining team to ensure the continuity and growth to even greater excellence levels.

Ethics and Integrity

Our negotiation process is entirely led directely by Lotta’s founder.



No hidden clauses.

Diferenciais: List

Investment Criteria


We can invest in any sector or industry, targeting large markets (> R$1b), with growth potencial, fragmented, non cyclical and with favorable secular trends.


Revenue between R$ 20 million and R$ 150 million, high percentage of recurrence, high margins and with a history of growth. EBITDA greater than R$ 5 million.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Companies with sustainable competitive advantages, like proprietary knowledge, pricing power and strategic positioning.


Partners and owners looking for a successor to take care and amplify their legacy, and at the same time giving liquidity to dedicate to other projects of their life.

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